Leading Today's Church Reform

It's true. Multiple thousands of pastors are discouraged. People are leaving their churches in droves. Money is low. Dreams of ministry are lost. Friendships are cast away. And truthfully, I spend a lot of my time trying to get very sincere and hard working pastors not to quit! Their disappointment, disillusionment, and trauma caused is terrible. What is wrong and what can we do about it?
Yes. Change has come!
Going through these most difficult times, allows us to see who we really are and Who God is in us.
When we come to the end of our own efforts, it is the perfect place to "Lie down and find pasture!"
These times can be beneficial -- but only if we don't stay there. There is something bigger and better ahead.
It is time to face the glorious future with an open heart. God isn't "a fixing to do something!" The SHIFT is already here and now.
Many of you who are wounded leaders are multi-gifted and excellent in character. I believe the turning point is in coming to the realization, "I find no demand for what I have to offer."
That is super hard to begin to say. But... why preach the same ol' stuff that is not working, where there is no demand, and where there is no personal satisfaction? Why go to a service where you are not encouraged and edified?
You can't blame someone else for your lack of fulfillment Churches are closing and pastors are leaving in record numbers -- because they are not relevant to THIS hour. And, my friend... if that is you, then adjustment is needed. It is time to come into the New Day.You MUST reposition yourself.

The other day, a friend of mine wrote about how some celebrities have "re-invented" themselves-- people like Mark Wahlberg who went from boy band singer to movie star, or the rock singer Rod Stewart who started singing the "oldies!" 
Ministers DO have to re-invent... but be careful! We watch some churches trying to get crowds by having more plays, or having a more "consumer friendly" message, or just trying to make the congregation happy. And, though these things may be fun, but the Spirit of the Lord does not settle and lives are not changed.

The bottom line is that in the Church has changed -- it is NOT the same.
This is a FACT!
And... this is GOOD NEWS!

The Cloud has moved.
The Wind of the Spirit of the Lord has changed direction.
The Lord is requiring all of us to move forward!
The Lord calls YOU to finish the race!

Re-inventing Is is not about repackaging the way we look, getting a new wardrobe, or learning to sing, or network. We must intentionally re-invent our MINDSET with enlarging revelation concerning the NOW of God. That usually is not about what we learned last year.
What we teach must be applicable to lives of others. They have to WANT to hear it.

REFORM is also about KNOWING exactly what you are called to do in and for the Kingdom. Without differentiating and moving with specific PURPOSE, you have no direction. There's nothing to work toward. Nothing to aim for. And, how can you measure any success? You can't.

You may be exceptionally gifted -- and those Gifts will always be with you whatever you decide to do.
But, here's the best advice you'll hear all year!!! "If something is not working, don't keep doing it!
Find what works."

Find the stream with flowing Living water. Be happy. Life is toooooo short. Do whatever it takes.
I'm not talking about reducing truth to keep people in your church. Reform searches for the original intention of Scriptures -- it is a search for the Divine and a pressing in to finding the Sacred.
The Dictionary defines REFORM:
a : to put or change into an improved form or condition
b : to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses
c : to introduce a better method or course of action
d : to become changed for the better
To me, one of the most precious things about the Word of God is that it is progressive. Just when we think we understand it, there is another unfolding -- another layer. The depths of God's word are unmeasurable. On-going Truth means that there is MORE -- as soon as we are ready!
When I pastored a local Church for 15 years, my Bible was marked in yellow for all the verses memorized.  I thought I had it all figured out! Then later, after moving to the States, I realized other and even more expanding meanings for these same Scriptures! This ever enlarging and ongoing Truth actually caused me to feel like I had been Born Again Again.
Of course there are always exceptions, but if we are honest in our appraisal of most of today's ministers it is easy to see that we've lost the idea of what ministry is really about.What are ministers REALLY called to do? As we move into the necessity of Church REFORM in our day, we need to re-evaluate the purpose and function of ministry.
The real focus of Church Reform is steady -- What did the inerrant Scripture originally mean? What is the SOURCE of these words? How did the people of that day understand them? How does this Truth progress in accuracy for us? And how does that apply to you and me today? IN THE NOW!

As we press into greater Truth, let’s do so assured of the ongoing revelation. The Lord God waits to speak newness.The ceaseless stream of God’s perpetual design endlessly flows from the dawn of humanity until our day. God clearly authorized and decreed His precise eternal plan – that of effective kingdom ministry dynamically impacting the world. He awaits a people who will extend His authority and rule and reproduce themselves so that others are able to do the same thing.


Redemptive Truth pulls the New Creation forward until it finally emerges out from the cave of revelation and focuses on bringing forth the relevant Kingdom issues on earth today as it is in heaven.


Dr. Kluane Spake --  Leading REFORM, Equipping Reformers



Lord, We lift up our eyes and give you thanks.


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