Cutting the Un-Biblical Cord

Cutting the Un-Biblical Cord

Dr. Kluane Spake


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For years, we’ve pushed and struggled to give birth. We’ve been in “transition” far toooo long. But, scripture tells us we no longer have to struggle to birth this promised child. Notice particularly that it is “BEFORE Zion travails -- she gives birth” (Is. 66:7), “Who has heard of such a thing?”

Still, we are still influenced by old thinking in our culture with certain rigid mindsets and old systems of that we don’t even realize. We "labor" in vain because that is how we think it should be!

Allow the transition time end! Let that which is of God be born... We thrash about and yell out in pain... waiting and waiting.

Can that be right? Paul said, "I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you (Gal. 4:19). When will that happen?  When will that Christ-child manifest?

We know that the moment of conception of any existing life-force, contains almost all of the determining elements of that fetus’ potential. These formative genetic contributors affect the entire rest of that child’s life.

The Medieval times were extremely complex and perplexing and still affect our thoughts and choices. Their emphasis on mystical visions and encounters is perplexing. The religious masses celebrated joyous festivals with elaborate dances around Maypoles, they built overwhelmingly colossal cathedrals, pilgrimaged thousands of miles to behold relics of dead saints, burned witches, and feared dragons. Meanwhile, the holy fathers spent their lives in monastic retreats and caves, reservedly debating the “jots and tittles” that defined their doctrines of morality, ethics, and logic.

Perhaps we couldn’t see all that happening – in the dark. But, the dawn has come and many proceeding truths and dimensional understandings are restored – concept by concept, our minds are renewed.

 Now, we triumph over darkness. Suddenly, we hear the watchman cry, the “morning cometh!” (Is. 21:12). Dawn breaks – Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. (Ps. 108:2, NIV). …. And we realize that it’s time to arise and shine! (Is. 60:1).

Perhaps, our discernment was dulled and we didn’t realize that birth is no longer cursed. The Man-Child is born and we have a baby in our arms!

If we allow this child to be born, then these present days of the raising up of this infant will be profitable. The way we live NOW determines the rest of the ages to come. The choices that we make now will affect the world and the church forever. The formation of the future depends upon our now.

Let’s make fresh declaration in accordance with the will of God. From every corner of the earth the “now” purposes of God must be released. This new era must demand our greatest attention, greatest passion, and greatest clarity -- now.

The question is, WHAT do we do next? How do we tackle the challenges that face us today? How do we shift and at the same time, embrace the vital necessity to corporately progress in our spiritual journey? We begin today. “Yes, the set time has come…” (Ps. 102). Everything that does not produce the LIFE of God must go!

What we must do next is pop the baby on the bottom and get him breathing. This miraculous child must breathe – and soon. Then, it is our job to CUT THE UN-BIBLICAL CORD!

 “Let's make a CLEAN BREAK with everything that defiles or distracts us, both within and without. Let's make our entire lives fit and holy temples for the worship of God” (2 Cor. 7:1 MSG).

We must CUT and sever this man-child (and ourselves) from old superstitions and belabored archaic "second day" concepts that will stunt his growth. Let’s sever the strongly held myths of the past.

Cutting away from un-Biblical habits is not an action of disrespect – it is one of necessity. There’s no time to debate this issue – it’s time to CUT.

>>> Ezekiel 16:4-5 describes Jerusalem, “On the day you were born your umbilical cord was NOT CUT, you weren't bathed and cleaned up, you weren't rubbed with salt, you weren't wrapped in a baby blanket. No one cared a fig for you. No one did one thing to care for you tenderly in these ways. You were thrown out into a vacant lot and left there, dirty and unwashed--a newborn nobody wanted…” (MSG). This child grew up in shame.

In our day, many of us have wanted to move further… past the limitations and superstitions of the still controlling mentalities that want to dictate Biblical interpretations. Up until now, most of us have tried to conform to the charismatic party line -- not wanting to “make too many waves,” not wanting to be misunderstood or identified as a rebellious misfit, or a nonconformist!

If we, as believers, take strong action now to raise our child together --the Man/child -- the image and likeness of God on this earth, the Bride, company of apostles and prophets (already conceived and birthed by the woman – the church), who will vitally establish government and vision in the church to come.

The substance and manifestation of this New DAY is this… God raises up His answer!! Maturity is upon us. The maturity to not only conceive but to cut the cords of the past and begin to nurture this new age ourselves.

As the older Naomi took Obed (servant nature) to nurse and to suckle, we must endow this child with all that he needs to develop and be released into destiny. As we reach out in faith, we will be given a Divine supply.

We’re chosen to be part of God’s vital current plan and parent this child. How do we do that? By exemplifying and walking as that NEW CREATION. By overcoming evil with good. By epitomizing LOVE.

The controversy with Marcion and the differing Gnostic sects gave even greater impetus to the priestly control of theology and thought. In order to maintain control and stop division, the orthodox defense was to establish Apostolic Authority – and that meant that only a select few priests could read Scripture and define it. Their interpretations, called “Oral Tradition,” ruled the church and became the main standard for further interpretations-- even though this usually didn’t agree with the written gospels.

Official Scriptures were kept in Latin and Greek and carefully guarded in order to prevent the ordinary people from understanding or interpreting differently than they were instructed. During that time, the laity could not read… and they were not allowed to have even a verse a scripture in their possession.

Over the centuries, we’ve slowly emerged from these controlling limitations. Wycliffe (1339-1384) was persecuted for translating the Scriptures into a common language. So threatening was his work, that 44 years after Wycliffe died, the Pope ordered his bones exhumed and burned. Peasants were hunted and killed for possessing pieces of cloth with the Word of God written in their own language. Private interpretation was totally forbidden. Hundreds of years later, Luther translated the Bible and said, “I have undertaken to translate the Bible into German. This was good for me; otherwise I might have died in the mistaken notion that I was a learned fellow.” Then, Luther broke away from the authority of the papacy. For centuries, continual wars have ensued over religion and the lack of freedom to allow other interpretations of the Bible.

But, we’ve scrutinized the scriptures for what might be ahead. Proverbs says, “So teach us God, to NUMBER our days (Ps. 90:12).” That caused us to analyze the progression and typology of the feasts, the covenants, the offerings, and the sacrifices – We saw the truth, but nothing happened. Though many of us have tirelessly taught on the THIRD DAY for a long time, we find that most believers have been traditionally stuck in DAY TWO -- waiting, hoping, and becoming discouraged in standing for an answer not yet received. Stuck as it were, in doing the identical same things the same way day after day. Day TWO has the Rolex, the crowds, and the money…but it brings no RELEASE.

Through it all, we’ve preached about the THIRD DAY and determinedly sung about it. We’ve been looking for it. Believers have been in transition for decades – trying to give birth to this “new thing” (Is. 43:19). We thought that transition would be brief … and that something would happen. But, after so long, even though we fervently preached as we did – there were no great visible changes. Still “yada yada” – the same ol’ tired excuses for living the same ol’ ways.

Only a few dared to press further – past the place of old wine and men’s ideas. Paul said, “The smallness you feel COMES FROM WITHIN YOU. Your lives aren't small, but you're living them in a small way. I'm speaking as plainly as I can and with great affection. Open up your lives. Live openly and expansively!” (2 Cor. 6:12b-13, MSG). Rosa Parks tired of smallness. One afternoon, she didn’t have the strength to walk to the back of the bus. She thought, “Go ahead and shoot me, I don’t care.” Rosa could not have realized the potential of her simple actions that vaulted against long standing cultural beliefs and released new freedoms. Could we ask, who made up some of the rules that we follow?

Now, it’s time for us to be free from our places of spiritual confinement and narrow-mindedness. Restriction kills the dream. Mental boxes limit opportunities. It’s time that our past failures cause us to get up one more time. The fact remains that all of creation waits for us – anxious to see the Christ-centered visible manifestation of those who have ACTUALLY shifted into the new spiritual dimension. Those with fire in their bones and who act like Jesus is very much alive and IN them (in every way these words could mean), right now! Vitally, the more excellent ministry (Heb. 8:1-5) BREAKS THROUGH with RELEASE. Living as Overcomers – and having healings happening in their shadows.

We’re to be the “Overcomers” (Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 26, 3:5, 12, 21, 21:7), the hidden people in secret places of the stairs (SOS 2:14). As grown up sons of God, we’re chosen for this hour and are clothed in the splendor of His might. Now, Zechariah, the priest comes once again to measure the temple (that’s us, Rev. 11:1, see Daniel 5:17-31). How wide and far-reaching are we? How much can we contain? Do we hold up the standard?

Dr. Kluane is a Commissioned Ambassadorial Apostle by Apostle John P. Kelly. She is an international apostolic minister, author, mentor, teacher, and friend to the Body of Christ. She has a mandate to release:

1 - The "Revealing of Christ in a People. 2 - Present Truth. 3 - Life-changing Third Day reformational concepts. 4 - The fullness of the finished work of redemption to the nations


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