Are There Apostles Today?

Are There Apostles Today?

by Dr. Kluane Spake  – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Are there modern-day apostles? The answer if in the “UNTIL.”

No matter what your end time theory may be, Acts 3:21 assures us that Jesus is held in the heavenlies UNTIL there is a reformation and a full restoration of ALL THINGS.

Peter stood up to speak to the crowd who were eye witnesses of the healing of the lame man at the beautiful gate of the temple.  He said, that God had raised Jesus from the dead (Acts. 2:14-15) and yet many had denied the truth. He calls them to repent and be converted and that Jesus “must be kept in heaven UNTIL the period of the great Restoration. Ages ago God spoke of this by the lips of His holy prophets." Moffatt.

The word 'restoration' is rendered from the Greek noun apolatastasis which means restoration to a former state. This promise speaks of the restoration of truths lost at the Fall and again during the Dark Ages.

“Who is to be kept in heaven till the time when all things are put right, of which God has given word by the mouth of his holy prophets, who have been from the earliest times.”  Basic English Bible

NOTICE: There is an “UNTIL!” He is held UNTIL.   Solemnize

As great as our promises may be, they are limited by our inability to understand and access them. Yes. What the prophets predicted about Jesus was fulfilled. Jesus fully FINISHED His work. Now, iIt is up to apostolic leaders to reveal that which is finished – and to bring forth this restoration.

UNTIL we understand and access this restoration, we are limited.

Among the ALL THINGS being restored is the Original Intention of Scripture. We must discover what The Lord really said, not what man says that He said!

He Who is Wisdom laid the foundation of the earth. He alone is the Creator, the Almighty – and it is His authority and power that will carry out His own Purpose. NOTHING in this universe can “hold” or hinder Him. But God… God decreed that it is His perfect will to have humans lead in revealing and restoring what was accomplished. Human leaders bring the release of that which is already finished and ever expanding in heaven (the Kingdom) to be revealed on earth.

Over the years, we see how God began to restore major Scriptural truths through covenants and dispensations. Several important truths that were lost have now been revealed. For example, “justification by faith” was reinstated by Martin Luther. This idea was first met as heretical. Now, today, most Christians accept this as truth without question. Yes. Justification was finished at the resurrection – but humans didn’t fully understand it until later.

Many THINGS are being restored now in this “dispensation of the fullness of times” (Eph. 1: 10).

Many would ask, “Are there apostles today? Why would God restore the office of the Apostle? If so, what do they do? Who could they possibly be?”

We all know the verses in Ephesians 4:11-13 that tell us that God gave “some” (not everyone) to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers. We can see how during this last fifty years, a great restoration of some of these Gift Offices has increased.

It was not difficult to embrace the restoration of the evangelist, or the pastor/teacher. But… the prophet and the apostle have caused considerable debate.  However, we can’t just arbitrarily accept three of these leadership offices without the others. Jesus Himself was the fullness of all these Gift Offices.

But, we can rightfully ask ourselves, “Why does God want to restore the legitimate functioning of all the Gift Offices?”

The following verse in Ephesians 4 tells us this reason: “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.”

These five leadership gifts were not simply given to do the work of the ministry, but to enable God’s people to do the “work” of the ministry. There is a lot to say about this “work,” but let’s move forward…

Many say this era of the apostle is over! However, verse 13 clearly shows us the required time frame for this kind of 5-Fold leadership: “UNTIL! (There it is again.) UNTIL we ALL reach UNITY in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and BECOME MATURE, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

Well, obviously this “UNTIL” has not yet happened! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or ‘rocket surgeon’ as we jokingly say) to readily see that displaying and sustaining unity remains a problem.

UNTIL happens when we are no longer be children tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine, or deceived. The apostle Paul often spoke of “pressing on” to full maturity in the faith (Phil. 3:12-14).

The assignment of the Mature and Glorious Church is to bring forth (to make manifest) the “unity of faith of the knowledge of the Son of God.” The Body MUST demonstrate wholeness and completeness. In verse 15 he urges us to "grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ." That means God wants you and me to fulfill His intention -- the design that God intended when He created the first human.

UNTIL is when the Body attains the “measure and the stature of the fullness of Christ.”  

UNTIL is the supreme, over-arching, and ultimate maturity of the Church. It is “the Revealing of Christ in a People.”

The leadership model that Jesus instated did not end with the first century church! Scriptures never tell us that the Office of the Apostle was temporary or should end before this “UNTIL” was accomplished.

We have now come full circle, to where the first commissioned apostles began: to build the church to fulfill its calling — that of BEING the demonstrating of the resurrection power of the Bride to the world, and manifesting a Body inhabited by God Himself!

Jesus is held in the heavenlies UNTIL. God has given us modern day apostles and apostolic leaders to bring growth and adulthood. Apostles have strategy to unveil  the visible ever present Kingdom in the Church, in the Market Place, and to the world. The times of restitution and reformation are upon us!

Dr. Kluane is a Commissioned Ambassadorial Apostle by Apostle John P. Kelly. She is an international apostolic minister, author, mentor, teacher, and friend to the Body of Christ. She has a mandate to release:

1 - The "Revealing of Christ in a People. 2 - Present Truth. 3 - Life-changing Third Day reformational concepts. 4 - The fullness of the finished work of redemption to the nations


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