A Case for Bi-Vocational Ministry


by Pastor Joe Chadburn

Allow me to preface this article by sharing a bit of my own personal experience.

I was a twenty-one year old United States Marine who was naive and extremely zealous, when first called to the five-fold ministry. As a young man, I had very little idea of what this calling entailed. All I knew was that God Himself had separated me, from before the foundation of the world, for a specific purpose. Others soon recognized this call on my life, mentored me, allowed me to speak on occasion, and supported my decision to attend a Bible College.

During those formative years, an American Baptist pastor (who also happened to be a successful business man) encouraged me to minor in a subject which would help me to become a bivocational success.

Being much smarter than he was (sarcasm), knowing that I had a call to fulfill, and believing that Jesus could return at any moment, I felt that following his advice would be extremely irresponsible. Besides, I didn’t want to let Jesus down, and I had been taught that if you weren’t in “full time” ministry…you were basically a loser.

It had also been ingrained in me that “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:22). I now have a much better handle on what Jesus was saying in the context of that verse, but I’ll save that for another article. I was also taught that it was a virtue for preachers to be poor, which only served to reinforce a most debilitating stronghold in my thought life.

I could go on about my own personal experience, but I think it will suffice to say that I am now forty-eight years old and have pastored churches, served as an associate minister, youth minister, and itinerant minister…both in the United States and abroad. I have also served in various roles in Christian Schools, along with being a postal letter carrier, waiter, painter, salesman, auto service manager, and personal trainer.

Had I followed that wise pastor’s advice, I have no doubt that I would be much further ahead in both ministry and the area of personal finance. While I have learned from my mistakes, and the Lord is restoring things to me by His Love, Grace, and Mercy, I write in hopes of saving others from much hardship.

If you are one of those people who was called to ministry at an early age, and have been serving in a well paid, “pulpit ministry” position ever since, I am happy for you and bless you in the Name of the Lord.

If that’s not exactly the story of your journey, then perhaps this article is for you (although I believe that all can glean from it).

The Case For Bivocational Ministry:

I. Your God-Given Grace Ministry may not even be recognized by 90% of the church establishment. While Apostolic and Prophetic roles may seem glamorous, the primary ministries which are
respected in most circles as being “legitimate” are Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher. See Ephesians 4:11. There are some wonderfully gifted preaching ministers, whom the Lord has IN NO WAY equipped to pastor churches! Let’s face it, the greater percentage of those “paid positions” usually don’t pay very well these days.

While I have absolutely no problem with a five-fold minister receiving a good income (understanding that truly “pastoring” a church of substantial size is more than a FULL TIME job), I also respect those who are willing to serve while having another primary (or secondary) income.

II. The Apostle Paul made tents and did what he had to do during the years of his ministry (Acts 18:3). Even the Lord Jesus served as a carpenter for most of His life in an “earth suit”, with only 3.5 years of “full time” ministry. Jesus and Paul served without guilt or shame, so can we!

III. You can minister what the Lord puts on your heart, while leading as He has called you to lead…without those who “control the purse strings” (while attempting to control you) holding things over your head. In layman’s terms, no one can attempt to pimp your message or leadership without knowing that you don’t need their money.

I DO belive in TRUSTING THE LORD. I also understand that TRUST often includes having the wisdom to get wealth from a supplemental income.

IV. If you receive Revelation from the Bible that your denomination (or ecclesiastical circles) refuse to receive, you aren’t out on the street…attempting to start a new work from scratch (with no income). You will also be less effected by church splits…and your heavenly Father DOES CARE about your family’s financial well-being.

V. You won’t become a self-promoting nuisance to pastors and congregations, by always begging for meetings and offerings. Instead, you can enjoy relational networking and have an adequate income…while trusting the Lord to open ministry doors for you. I need not mention that ALL believers are “full time”, “24/7/365″ MINISTERS.

VI. You are much more able to relate to those who are in the general workforce, because you aren’t stuck in a church building…and perhaps a church subculture which can’t relate to the REAL, outside world. You will be better equipped to minister in THE MARKET PLACE, as well as serving within the four walls of a building where your local assembly meets.

VII. You will also be more empathetic with people when they do things like YAWN during an evening gathering…after working a 12 hour shift with only 6 hours of sleep.

I could go on…but perhaps I will save that for another time.

Shalom! Joe

Pastor Joe Chadburn lives in Suwanee, Ga with his wife Tamie and their two kids. Both Joe and Tamie were ordained by Dr. Kluane.

Where are the Church Grown-ups and WHY Do I Have to be One?

Where are the Church Grown-ups...  and WHY Do I Have to be One?

Pastor Charles Hodnett

1 Cor 4:15 For though you may have ten thousand teachers in Christ, you do not have many fathers.

What an amazing time to be on planet earth! With the ability to relax on my back porch and dictate to my iPad while listening to my wind chimes and Delta Airlines overhead, with years and years of history behind us and incomprehensible information available at our finger tips via the google, yahoo, and safari search engines, I marvel at the snails pace of the Bride of Christ in her maturation process.

Yes the earth groans in eager anticipation of the manifesting of the sons of God, and the Sons of God are feeling the earths resonation, sensing the urgency of the moment, divinely dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, but yet we continue in our cyclical patterns, doing the same things day to day and week to week while expecting things to somehow miraculously come out differently.

Somehow we have allowed ourselves to become captivated by personalities and talents, while missing the true servants and gifts, creating a system of hired hands and catchy slogans, ignoring the need for sons, personal ministry, and real relationship. Well, unaddressed behavior never changes...

Forgive me for my muse, but does it not seem that in a multitude of denominational/religious/Christian circles, the self proclaimed ministerial elite look more like carpetbaggers and used car salesmen than mentors, shepherds, elders and fathers?

Have we traded the scent of sheep for the even cheaper smell of popularity and the misleading stench of personal fame?

Pump the brakes! Stop the press! Jump from the train! Get off the merry go round!

The winds of change are blowing, and its time to chart a new course and hoist new sails.

A few years ago a book was circulating with the "You have not many Fathers" theme. The basis of this theme was and is very plausible, almost everyone in ministry has had a desire, or recognized a need for mentors or "spiritual dads". As an inexperienced pastor, I too saw a personal deficiency in mentoring, so I like many others went on the quest to find "DAD!"...

While I completely agree in principle with the truth that the Apostle Paul was communicating, what I discovered could not have been further from it. Ministers young and old began to flock to the popular or seemingly successful larger ministries in search of validation and credibility. What many discovered was that for nominal offerings (money) you could receive the tape of the month, and possibly get on the calendar for an annual meeting with dad!

Further research (and personal experience) reveals that many talented orators, with all the skills to completely mesmerize the people and draw the crowds into frenzied adoration, lack the gifting or the commitment for true discipling or parenting. In many cases, the pontiffs and prognosticators are actually more insecure and needful of validation and credibility than the ones seeking them.

I shall never forget the morning our first child came into the world, my wife had been in labor all night and most of the day before, exhausted from the process, but when I looked into the eyes of my this baby girl, I felt an overwhelming mixture of love, awe and terror. I knew at that moment my life had changed forever, I now had a completely different level of responsibility, I had no choice but to become a grown up! This tiny person was totally dependent on me for food clothing and shelter, but also for her security, self confidence and identity.

Parenting in the natural or spiritual is a tremendous undertaking that requires total commitment. Sir Edmund Burke once stated "the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing", if you have recognized a need for a maturing of the Bride, for the Church to become relevant again, then you may very well be part of the answer.

As I struggled through the process of raising my four children, I myself eventually became and adult, as I struggled through the process of raising my local congregation, I became aware of the growing needs of others in ministry and their own search for validation and credibility. Sometimes our greatest education is in the realization of what's missing, not in the problem itself but the solution, and I have committed the rest of my days, to be the parent, the mentor, the leader that encourages, validates, and produces growth in everyone that I can influence.

Yes, I have become a "grown up" NOT because I wanted to, but because the ministry road is in serious need of pavement, and the love of our true Father compels me to help others on their way...

On Being a Woman Pastor

Pastor Tracy Hodnett

Growing up in a Baptist church, I had a view of women in ministry that was very limiting. I was taught that women could only teach other women or children, but somewhere deep within my spirit I new that this was wrong but didn't quite know why. This way of thinking had an air or attitude that women are less than men and children were even less than women or (very low on the totem pole). The Lord broadened my understanding in this area even before we left the Baptist church, and began using me in many different ways.

I remember the day when my husband and I were talking about ministry, deciding whether or not to take a pastoral position, and I said to him "I do not want to be a wall flower or just a pastor's wife, I have a calling too and it is just a relevant". My husband said "finally you see what I see!" From that day forward we have co-labored...together.

Co- is a prefix that means together, mutually equal, joint, praise The Lord!
Paul said that we are JOINT HEIRS with Christ (Romans 8:17)

Gal 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are ALL one in Christ Jesus.

I am very blessed to have a partner in ministry, because on the best day in ministry, it is still hard. My husband is blessed because he has a partner who will stand beside him, not behind or ahead, we are co- workers together and co- workers of Christ. Our ministry flows very well together, where one stops the other starts, and vice versa.

As parents we have had to learn to wear many hats, and to know or discern who's wearing what hat in any given situation. At times I have had to be the father to my children and at other times my husband has needed to be the mother, but it doesn't change who we are. I know when my husband is speaking to me as my pastor and not as my husband, and being willing to submit to the pastors spirit, and the same for him.
If the church could learn this lesson, it would do well Ephesians 5:21 "submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

In the first part of 1 Corinthians 3, Paul speaks of their immaturity because of their focus on the messenger and not the message.

Galatians 3:28 there is neither male nor female (the bride of Christ is not based on gender) for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

1 Cor 3:16 Don’t you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?
When we enter into the kingdom, it is by the Spirit, we become the temple and the bride neither based on gender but faith...

Rev 22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” Let the one who hears this say, “Come!”

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Why Would Anyone Become a Christian Today?

Why would anyone become a Christian today…..let alone join a church!

Pastor LaVonne Brown

This is a profound question and one I believe the church must address Now! It’s an issue that has been ruminating in my head for quite a while now, and was recently brought to the forefront of urgency when I happened across an article entitled: “Church without God – by Design.”

Church??  By design??  Without God??  Quite an oxymoron to consider.

And yet, there is a growing percentage of non-believers, self defined atheists, that are coming together for the purpose of forming a place of “community”, a “Humanist community”,  “a place where people can belong”.

Why are people leaving the church or refusing to join? Studies have shown and it’s pretty plain to see by the number of shrinking church congregations that people, even ministers are leaving the church in large numbers every year.  

Disturbing trends:

According to the PEW Forum, “the number of Americans who do not identify with any religion also has grown in recent years; indeed, about one-fifth of the public overall – and a third of adults under age 30 – are religiously unaffiliated as of 2012. Fully a third of U.S. adults say they do not consider themselves a “religious person.” And two-thirds of Americans – affiliated and unaffiliated alike – say religion is losing its influence in Americans’ lives.” (1)

In addition, a 2010 study by the Barna Group, survey showed one of the least favorite biblical principles may be "Obey your spiritual leaders, and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give them reason to do this with joy and not with sorrow" (Hebrews 13:17, NLT).  (2)

One might hypothesize that people have left the church or don’t join because they “don’t want folks in their business” or don’t want to be held to any sort of accountability. However, according to this same Barna group study, only 5% of Christians indicated that their church does anything. to hold them accountable for integrating biblical beliefs and principles into their life”. And this report goes on to say, “The most frequent method—accountability through the relationships developed in small groups—is practiced in the lives of only 2% of all self-described Christians in the nation. Other forms are found in the lives of 1% or fewer Christians.”  (2)

Yet people do desire and seek out safe places for the purpose of connecting and relationship. This carries through in these atheist gatherings. There is even a “chaplain”, and one is quoted as saying, "When you become a part of this congregation, this community, you are going to become part of a family”. These groups meet on Sunday mornings and teach things they believe in, such as “compassion, evolution or acceptance”, and even have an equivalent of Sunday school for the children, who get lessons on similar topics.  There’s even a former evangelical minister who has joined this community and is using his pastoral experience to build an atheist church.

The article goes on to say in various places, "What we are looking at doing is different,” "If you are a religionist and you come and sit in our pew, the only way you can leave offended is because of what you don’t hear and what you don’t see. We won’t be there to make a stance against religion or against God “ and “The success of an atheist church will depend on walking the thin line between too much and too little ritual, Epstein said., as well as Humanists boast a proud freethinking streak, and some at the Harvard event said they don’t want to be associated with any sort of dogma or belief system - or even a system based on disbelief”.

Wow!  No prejudging or “religion”. What lessons can we learn from this particular exodus and what are people really turning away from?

The irony of this Church without God is that in the beginning God created man to have fellowship with Him. When Jesus created His church, He brings us back to God’s  first intention of fellowship, koinonia, “community with Him.  We were created with the desire for community in our DNA! That’s why no matter how we try to escape fellowshipping with God or each other, we still cannot break away from the desire to fellowship.  We must connect and have a sense of belonging. 

The corporate church, the body of Christ cannot afford in this critical hour to postulate, wax spiritual, become defensive, judgmental or justify with scriptures and condemnation those who leave the church and their reasons for leaving.  I believe it is this very type of negative behavior that has occurred within the body of Christ and amongst believers that has driven many to seek places outside of Christianity where they can have a sense of belonging, ie community, without criticism, scrutiny, judgment and over bearing traditions of men. 

Where have we missed it as the body of Christ, where people want the body, the community, but NO God?  Are they truly running from God? Or are they running from the form of God man has presented?  I think it’s the latter. 

Why do I say that? Because in His purest form, God is love. 1 John 4:8 says, He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.  Who have you ever know to run away from pure love? We all have an innate desire to be accepted and loved.

Jesus said in John 13:33-34 A new commandment I give you that you should love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you too should love one another. By this [love] all men will know you are my disciples, if you keep on showing love among yourselves.

Prior to this command, the commandments instructed us to love God, but now we see Jesus ushering in a new command……………love one another.

Sounds pretty simple right?  All we have to do is to show love to one another. BUT…..what type love and HOW do I show it?  Most of us have developed firm ideas of what love is and how we demonstrate or want to receive it. However, the Holy Spirit left us clear guidelines on exactly how to show Gods kind of love and in what situations. 

1Corinthians 13:1-8 gives us clear guidelines on how we as Christians should be conduits and demonstrators of God’s love as we interact with those around us and live this life. While this may be a very familiar passage of scripture, let us take a moment and ask ourselves….. am I genuinely loving those around me in this way? Are my emotions, my actions, my responses disciplined and conformed to the Holy Spirits instruction? What type of love are people experiencing from me? Is Christ and His type of love being revealed in and through me?

The Bible tells us, “God’s love endures long. It’s patient and kind”. Patient and kind enough to allow us time to come to that place of realizing our need for Him and what changes we need to make in our lives to be pleasing to our Father. Romans 2:4 says….”Gods kindness is intended to lead you to repent (to change your mind and inner man to accept Gods will).  Imagine that! It is Not man pushing us towards mans view of repentence, but it is the allowing of gentle conviction by the Holy Spirit to draw people into that place of awareness. Jesus told us to preach the “Good News”! The Holy Spirit will do the rest and that’s really good news!

“God’s love is never envious nor boils over with jealousy”. Many times it’s envy and jealousy that is the root cause of division, strife, confusion and competition within the church setting. Jesus said come to Him and He would give us rest. That’s the place people are seeking…..a place of rest and freedom from bad attitudes and having to compete and strive.  We can rest safely in the knowledge that God has a plan and it’s the best plan for our life…….we need not be jealous or envious of anyone.

“God’s love is not boastful, vain or haughty”.  And yet, too many times people encounter behaviors by those who are unwelcoming to anyone who doesn’t look, act, dress or believe “like I/we do”.  If Jesus’ invitation is to “whosoever will….” then the church should readily and lovingly welcome “whosoever will” walk through the doors. One of the most beautiful things about God is the diversity in His creation. The flowers, animals, trees, and everything else is personalized and unique. And so are we! None of us are created the same. It’s our differences that can create strength. So let us not think more highly of ourselves, but be accepting and gracious to everyone, celebrating the person they are now, and letting God mold them into the person He foreknew and always intended them to become.

“God’s love does not insist on its own way and is not self-seeking. Nor is it touchy, fretful or resentful”.  Wow!  This type of behavior is reminiscent of two-year olds I’ve worked with…..selfish and touchy! But we are called to be mature sons and daughters of God, walking out His character, demonstrating a Spirit led personality and emotional discipline. It’s ok to put others needs before our own! In doing so, we are planting seeds of generosity and good works that bring back a two fold harvest --- 1, we are leading by good example, and 2, the other person is blessed in a tangible way.

God’s love “pays no attention to a suffered wrong.”  How many have left the church because of an offense?  Or maybe, we ourselves have left a church because we were offended.  This spirit of offense is all too prevalent!  And yet, pure love pays no attention to offense. Our words should draw not repel. We are to rise above offense and focus on what really matters, which is loving God and loving each other. Covenant relationships transcend any and all offenses.

God’s love “does not rejoice at injustice but rejoices when right and truth prevail”.  Simply put, we as Christians must stand for what is true and what is right. Probably one of the most grave injustices we can perform is to deny others the pure, unadulterated, unconditional, ever reaching and ever expanding love that God has given to us.  Love is always right. And if we love Gods way, it will be a true love,

God’s love “bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person”. It is human nature that we want to be accepted on our own merits have everyone believe the best about us. We don’t want to be judged, pointed out, put out, talked about, rejected, shamed or scorned. When people come to church, not really knowing what or who they are seeking, but have some sense that God is a factor, we need to respect that and no matter what it “looks like”, give them the benefit of the doubt and believe the best about them. We were there once and in some ways we are still working it out in some areas. God never judges us, He leads us into the divine plans He has for us and plants us in families, ie communities, where our doubts can be assuaged, our fears let go of, relationships are built and our sense of peace and is love restored. God surely is doing a new thing within the church if we could only take off the blinders of religiosity and see it!  Let’s let Him do it and be the arms of love for all those who He brings.

And lastly, God’s love “never fails, never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end”.  God’s love never is outdated, old fashioned, dull or not needed.  Every living thing requires love.  Even animals live in communities and many times fail to thrive when separated. Where there is genuine love there is life, wholeness, thriving, reproduction and true koinonia. This is what people are looking for.

So……let us ponder how we can be the instruments to demonstrate “God” within the church community.  Jesus created the Church. WE are the Church. The very God who created community IS love. It is our mandate to show the world that true Community exists with God at the center. True community is a demonstration of God in the earth. 

“And so faith, hope love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love”.


(1) . http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2013/06/22/church-without-god-by-design/

(2) http://www.pewforum.org/growth-of-the-nonreligious-many-say-trend-is-bad-for-american-society.aspx

(3) https://www.barna.org/barna-update/congregations/454-study-describes-christian-accountability-provided-by-churches

Bible verses from Amplified version.


Leading Today's Church Reform

It's true. Multiple thousands of pastors are discouraged. People are leaving their churches in droves. Money is low. Dreams of ministry are lost. Friendships are cast away. And truthfully, I spend a lot of my time trying to get very sincere and hard working pastors not to quit! Their disappointment, disillusionment, and trauma caused is terrible. What is wrong and what can we do about it?
Yes. Change has come!
Going through these most difficult times, allows us to see who we really are and Who God is in us.
When we come to the end of our own efforts, it is the perfect place to "Lie down and find pasture!"
These times can be beneficial -- but only if we don't stay there. There is something bigger and better ahead.
It is time to face the glorious future with an open heart. God isn't "a fixing to do something!" The SHIFT is already here and now.
Many of you who are wounded leaders are multi-gifted and excellent in character. I believe the turning point is in coming to the realization, "I find no demand for what I have to offer."
That is super hard to begin to say. But... why preach the same ol' stuff that is not working, where there is no demand, and where there is no personal satisfaction? Why go to a service where you are not encouraged and edified?
You can't blame someone else for your lack of fulfillment Churches are closing and pastors are leaving in record numbers -- because they are not relevant to THIS hour. And, my friend... if that is you, then adjustment is needed. It is time to come into the New Day.You MUST reposition yourself.

The other day, a friend of mine wrote about how some celebrities have "re-invented" themselves-- people like Mark Wahlberg who went from boy band singer to movie star, or the rock singer Rod Stewart who started singing the "oldies!" 
Ministers DO have to re-invent... but be careful! We watch some churches trying to get crowds by having more plays, or having a more "consumer friendly" message, or just trying to make the congregation happy. And, though these things may be fun, but the Spirit of the Lord does not settle and lives are not changed.

The bottom line is that in the Church has changed -- it is NOT the same.
This is a FACT!
And... this is GOOD NEWS!

The Cloud has moved.
The Wind of the Spirit of the Lord has changed direction.
The Lord is requiring all of us to move forward!
The Lord calls YOU to finish the race!

Re-inventing Is is not about repackaging the way we look, getting a new wardrobe, or learning to sing, or network. We must intentionally re-invent our MINDSET with enlarging revelation concerning the NOW of God. That usually is not about what we learned last year.
What we teach must be applicable to lives of others. They have to WANT to hear it.

REFORM is also about KNOWING exactly what you are called to do in and for the Kingdom. Without differentiating and moving with specific PURPOSE, you have no direction. There's nothing to work toward. Nothing to aim for. And, how can you measure any success? You can't.

You may be exceptionally gifted -- and those Gifts will always be with you whatever you decide to do.
But, here's the best advice you'll hear all year!!! "If something is not working, don't keep doing it!
Find what works."

Find the stream with flowing Living water. Be happy. Life is toooooo short. Do whatever it takes.
I'm not talking about reducing truth to keep people in your church. Reform searches for the original intention of Scriptures -- it is a search for the Divine and a pressing in to finding the Sacred.
The Dictionary defines REFORM:
a : to put or change into an improved form or condition
b : to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses
c : to introduce a better method or course of action
d : to become changed for the better
To me, one of the most precious things about the Word of God is that it is progressive. Just when we think we understand it, there is another unfolding -- another layer. The depths of God's word are unmeasurable. On-going Truth means that there is MORE -- as soon as we are ready!
When I pastored a local Church for 15 years, my Bible was marked in yellow for all the verses memorized.  I thought I had it all figured out! Then later, after moving to the States, I realized other and even more expanding meanings for these same Scriptures! This ever enlarging and ongoing Truth actually caused me to feel like I had been Born Again Again.
Of course there are always exceptions, but if we are honest in our appraisal of most of today's ministers it is easy to see that we've lost the idea of what ministry is really about.What are ministers REALLY called to do? As we move into the necessity of Church REFORM in our day, we need to re-evaluate the purpose and function of ministry.
The real focus of Church Reform is steady -- What did the inerrant Scripture originally mean? What is the SOURCE of these words? How did the people of that day understand them? How does this Truth progress in accuracy for us? And how does that apply to you and me today? IN THE NOW!

As we press into greater Truth, let’s do so assured of the ongoing revelation. The Lord God waits to speak newness.The ceaseless stream of God’s perpetual design endlessly flows from the dawn of humanity until our day. God clearly authorized and decreed His precise eternal plan – that of effective kingdom ministry dynamically impacting the world. He awaits a people who will extend His authority and rule and reproduce themselves so that others are able to do the same thing.


Redemptive Truth pulls the New Creation forward until it finally emerges out from the cave of revelation and focuses on bringing forth the relevant Kingdom issues on earth today as it is in heaven.


Dr. Kluane Spake --  Leading REFORM, Equipping Reformers



Lord, We lift up our eyes and give you thanks.


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Dr. Kluane is a Commissioned Ambassadorial Apostle by Apostle John P. Kelly. She is an international apostolic minister, author, mentor, teacher, and friend to the Body of Christ. She has a mandate to release:

1 - The "Revealing of Christ in a People. 2 - Present Truth. 3 - Life-changing Third Day reformational concepts. 4 - The fullness of the finished work of redemption to the nations


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