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We are dedicated to serve, educate, inspire, and mentor Church Leaders.

We provide the best ministry training that Christian leaders can use to quickly succeed with relevance and greatest accuracy.

I have a gift of study -- and offer you the latest and best insights on The Finished Work, Present Truth, and the Third Day Church!

Through revelation, inspiration, and research our speaking, products,  and internet out-reach will awaken, prepare, enable, and RELEASE Christian Leaders to impact the Church, culture, governments, and nations for Kingdom good.

To motivate, educate, and empower Christian leaders  by continually researching and correctly translating mis-understood Biblical principles into practical application that helps usher the coming Reformation of the Church, and expand the Kingdom.

Our products are uniquely and unquestionably the most carefully and accurately researched works possible on that particular subject. We are forever moving forward and expanding our understanding of the Finished Work. This material is delivered by state of the art providers which enables excellent Customer Service. Please check out the resources on our website for Books and EBooks.

Take a look at the School of the Apostles here. 

I'm feasting over this book Dr. Spake again, what's in the pages will radically revolutionize the APOSTOLIC FOUNDATION in the church! I can sense the insurgence of PEACE filtering through the WHOLE BODY on a large scale! Every resource that heaven has to offer is w/o reservation, at ones disposal!  Steven Moffett


To PERFECT, mature, and equip the saints for the WORK {Greek - Ergon, deed, toil, labor, act - Ergonomics, the study of the problems of people in adjusting to their work environment, especially the science that seeks to adapt work or working conditions to suit the worker}...of the MINISTRY, the root word {Greek} "Diako" which is to run on errands, as in serving in menial tasks."' With this in mind, the understanding of the word "Ministry" has been totally lost. Ministry and Leadership is not confined to preaching from a pulpit! Ministry is the full spectrum and universal reach of the Kingdom to impact this world for good. You may be a lawyer with a local or international vision -- Ministry is not confined to church.

Can you have success and ministry simultaneously?

You deserve both.

I am passionate about helping you accomplish your ministry goals by giving you a sound strategy, greater vision, and developing your Gifts. Giving you an ever-deepening sense of identity and purpose.

Many people want both – (Rock stack on mt.

You can develop both simultaneously – road dividing

Typically sacrifice everything and work to the bone

Or – wait for it to come to you, while you pray and fast – super=spiritual model

Or forsake all material success (money) and try to be altruistic in all things

And while it is true that everything is perfect as it is (sky)

The truth is that … it IS lot’s more rewarding to create and reach for greater destiny. Garden

It’s not the “Rah rah” approach of ministry that gets everybody excited – without productive lasting results.

This program is different – seal of excellence

Introducing, The School of the apostles

Here is your path to freedom, success. And -- Here’s what the School of the Apostles can do for you

  1. Increase the success of your ministry
  2. Learn how to let others know what you do!
  3. Clarify what is important…
  4. Overcome obstacles
  5. Become more free from distraction
  6. Expand your ability to receive
  7. Eliminate any limiting belief systems
  8. Enjoy the process of building your life and ministry
  9. Be more fulfilled!
  10. Plus Increase your ability to BE present in the NOW

Tap into creativity.

Take a look at the School of the Apostles here. 

Connect and access the reality of the Spirit

Recognize any resistance that impedes your life

Find your Identity ----

Master all this in 12 powerful lessons. This is a Bible College level course.

Avoid constant bombardment of distractions and end the competing ministry priorities that pull you in that tug of war.

Be clear about what you want and what need to happen. Learn how to strategize to get there.

Available to you for amazingly low $247…

Take a look at the School of the Apostles here. 

 There will be more courses available soon!

Dr. Kluane is a Commissioned Ambassadorial Apostle by Apostle John P. Kelly. She is an international apostolic minister, author, mentor, teacher, and friend to the Body of Christ. She has a mandate to release:

1 - The "Revealing of Christ in a People. 2 - Present Truth. 3 - Life-changing Third Day reformational concepts. 4 - The fullness of the finished work of redemption to the nations


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