Gold Fever

 Gold Fever




Gold Fever!

-- The Northern Adventure  of the early Gold Prospectors!

Austin Simonds went North in 1931 to help mine for gold on Squaw Creek in the Yukon with his aunt and uncle.  His Aunt Frances Muncastor told him her stories about being in Nome at the Big Gold Rush in 1900! 

Frances Muncaster became one of the most well-known gold miners in Alaska!


This  forgotten adventure story interweaves the fascinating history of many of the early settlers who shared in this "Gold Fever!"

How did they do it? It was life as it will never be lived again. You'll get an insider's look on survival in the most difficult circumstances.

Fascinating characters!

Real life adventure.

Historically accurate.

Previously unseen photos!

An auto-biographical (and secular) story as told by my dad.









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