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Keynote Speaker for Conferences & Church Meetings

Dr. Kluane is an inspirational Apostle and teacher who helps people unlearn wrong beliefs systems, encourages them to reach beyond their perceived limitations, helps people see what is possible, and challenges them to optimize their destiny.

She is an internationally acclaimed author and keynote speaker known for her high-quality content presentations that empower people with the information needed to succeed.Thousands of people have been touched and changed by her numerous books and articles.

She works with hundreds of churches worldwide. She has a way of making the seemingly complex, easy to understand. These services are Spirit led, fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Each ministry is fresh and customized for your particular requests and needs.

As a highly focused preacher, author, speaker, coach and consultant, she is dedicated to helping Christians tap into their enormous potential and increase their sense of direction, confidence, and ability to tap into the supernatural.

Dr. Kluane is considered one of the pioneers in the arena of preaching about the THIRD DAY and "the finished work of redemption" that enables the believer to become fully whole -- NOW, in this lifetime... Her articulate expression uncompromisingly challenges the Body of Christ to realign and move into greater Truth.

>>Although many of the writings of this ministry challenge the present mindset of the religious systems, our heart is to uphold, honor, and support the boundaries and platforms of the local church and local pastor.  When speaking at your place, WE WILL NEVER VIOLATE YOUR PREFERENCES on TOPICS.

This ministry is bound to the integrity of the local church and pastor.  We are a trustable ministry and a stable proponent of the Word and scholarly presentation.




While Dr. Spake usually preaches an unlimited variety of individualized and spontaneous messages, these incredible topics are also available:

REFORMATION: Where the Church is going! And Why!

APOSTOLIC GOVERNMENT! How it will revolutionize your ministry.

The Church of the NOW & HOW.

Grace! This is an original and awesome presentation.

What is Present Truth and the THIRD DAY CHURCH? A demonstration of how it is now!

MELCHIZEDEK - The King of Righteousness and Peace. The study is totally life-changing!  It also deals with prosperity and personal finances.

The SECRETS of Tapping into the Supernatural - including using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, an exciting new study of WHY we want to speak in tongues, and what is the anointing? This is an exciting and innovative presentation on what everyone needs to know about apprehending the Spirit realm. Text by this author.

The History of Blacks/Africans in the Early Church: A presentation with dramatic historical pictures (collected by her personal on research trips) presented on overheads with preaching/lectures about the contribution of Black people in our church history. Concerns apprehending methods of correct thinking needed to obtain greater unity in the Body.

The Apostolic Pattern for the Upcoming Church: Dramatic overhead presentation and original insights on the correct governmental structure for the future church. Booklet and articles by author presented.

"Husbands be Thou Loosed!" A new look at equality in marriage and how it works! – For both men and women.

The History of Women in the Early Church: A presentation with historical pictures on overheads depicting the reasons for bias in the church. Concerns equality issues, an accurate explanation of headship, and ministry activation. Two books and separate workbook by this author available.

Wisdom the Principal Thing: A motivational seminar about this author’s books, "The Happiness of Finding Wisdom" with workbook "On Getting There."

Wholeness & Holiness: Accompanying interactive book by author available. Concerns the Victory of Character - the goal of wholeness -- truth and integrity. The Renewed mind and principles of overcoming.

Unity, Koininea, (koinonia) wholeness. A study on how to get it!

Apostolic Church Leadership: This teaching instills accountability and communicates the key issues necessary for effective leadership in church government. Putting the house in order, obtaining vision and destiny. Original CD by Dr. Spake. Presenting a learning system to build a highly focused training organization whose mission is to enable believers to build and sustain their lives of faith. This teaching gives pastors and staff a greater sense of direction, confidence, and capability.

Finding God's Plan & Purpose for Your Life: Presents dynamic steps to overcoming and living in the Kingdom. Leads us into greater awareness of our goals, ministry potential, and legacy. Includes, becoming a person of

Prosperity and the Bible

Killing the Devil Once and For All: A fascinating activation for living powerfully in our lifetime. Articles by author.

Worship — it’s not Just Music! The incredible correlation of sound, color, and light in relationship to your healing.

Old & New Testament Theology

Ruth: A story about the present day church.

Kluane (Kloo-ah'nee) is the name of a national park in the Yukon, Canada. Her dad spent many years mining for Gold in the Yukon and he delivered mail by dog team from Haines Junction to Kluane Lake.



Dr. Kluane is a Commissioned Ambassadorial Apostle by Apostle John P. Kelly. She is an international apostolic minister, author, mentor, teacher, and friend to the Body of Christ. She has a mandate to release:

1 - The "Revealing of Christ in a People. 2 - Present Truth. 3 - Life-changing Third Day reformational concepts. 4 - The fullness of the finished work of redemption to the nations


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