Ministry Endorsements:                                                    

Apostle John P. Kelly

President ICA, International Coalition of Apostles/Founder LEAD (Leadership Education for Apostolic Development). "I recommend Dr. Kluane Spake to bless and build your ministry and/or church. She has a strong anointing which will benefit … conferences and weekend church transformation meetings. Dr. Kluane is more than a revelational teacher, she is an experienced church planter, pastor, evangelist, teacher and apostle. She comes in a meek and humble until the anointing touches and brings forth bold proclamations, prophetic words and purpose for destiny!"

Apostle Frank Ofosu-Appiah

Pastor, All Nations Church, Atlanta, GA, President of Advanced Life Ministries. "Dr. Kluane Spake is a shining and flaming light with a cutting edge mission. Her strong apostolic and prophetic call is clearly evident. The strength of this mandate is manifested regularly through incredible teaching, preching, and works of divine grace.

She is globally recognized for the accuracy in her prophetic utterances and the demonstration of the gifts of the Holy spirit. She is indeed a true apostle, prophetess, and world leader."

Pastor Carolyn Sissom

Eastgate Ministries, Inc. Katy, Texas, "When I walked to the center of the sanctuary after Dr. Spake ministered, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "You have just heard GREATNESS! This is the Greatness of your God." We experienced and witnessed greatness through the message delivered at our church on Sunday.

Rev. Lora Allison

Celebration International Ministries, LaPorte, TX. Dr. Kluane Spake is a prolific writier, dynamic speaker, and experienced leader to the international Body of Christ. 

Across the board, from church leaders to prayer warriors to newcomes in the Body of Christ, all will be challenged by Dr. Kluane's revelation of God's purpose to fulfill the destiny of the Church. God has gifted Dr. Spake to inspire and activate the Body in a season of conflict, darkness, and apathy. Her outstanding revelation and articulate writing should be required reading in every school of ministry!

Underneath her gentle, humble spirit is an authority and passion for the Word of God that challenges all who hear her to examine their lives and move into all God has for them. This authority and passion rises with great credibility from someone who daily lives the principles of love and compassion for the Body of Christ.

Dr. Kluane Spake is God's mouthpiece to impart a very timely message to the fragmented Body. This message of reformation and restoration rings clearly and brings hope that out of this season of massive division can arise the miracle of unity.

It has been my honor and privilege to walk with Dr. Spake as a friend and co-laborer in the vineyards of the Lord. I have been enriched by her life. With highest regard and continued prayer for even greater victory in her life and ministry.


Ada Thompson, M.D; D.D.

The Gathering of the Eagles, Nassau, Bahamas. Dr. Spake's teachings are revelatory as well as scripturally sound. The level of her scholarship is amazing, yet she has the ability to make profound concepts quite understandable to everyone. 

Her grasp of history, both secular and sacred, gives added depth and strength to her work. She has a riviting command of the English language which allows her to reveal present truth on a scope the breadth and depths of which I have seen no where else.

Apostles Gary and Traci Carson

Voice of the Trumpet Ministries, Oregon. "Our meeting with Apostle Kluane Spake was absolutely out of this world - literally! There was a powerful manifestation of God's presence with the evening meeting that left a permanent imprint upon each person there. The Lord's presence was so tangible that the room was thick with "doxa" (heavy, weighty with the presence of the Lord).

Apostle Kluane has a powerful gift in releasing into others that which has been imparted into her by the Lord. Her ability to teach and demonstrate what she is teaching is remarkable, and her compassion is not that of human sympathy, but of a HOly Unction to facilitate change. Apostle Kluane, we love you and can't wait to see you again!"

Dr. Stan DeKoven

President of Vision International College and University. "On behalf of the Board of Regents, Faculty, and Staff of Vision International University, we want to thank and commend Dr. Kluane Spake for her dedicated work of service to Vision International University. As a Campus Director in Guam, Professor, church planter, author and Apostle to the Nations, Dr. Spake has and continues to be a tremendous blessing to Vision International and our world wide network.

We are truly grateful for Dr. Spake's professionalism and dedication to the cause of Christ, and the mission of Vision. Our ability to work together and grow for the sake of the Kingdom of God is magnificently advanced because of her work for the Lord. 

May the Lord continue to bless you, Dr. Spake, in your life and ministry. Our partnership with you, through Vision and Jubilee Alliance, and our lifelong friendship has and is a blessing beyond words. We honor you for your tireless work and diligent servant leadership on behalf of Vision sturdents, local church pastors, and international leaders, and pray the Lords' abundant and manifold blessings as you move forward in your continued assignments for Vision and most importantly, the Kingdom of God." 

Pastor Rob Cunningham

New Life Church, Wagga Wagga, Australia. " Dr Kluane Spake came to our church recently and headed up our Conference as one of two guest speakers. From the moment Kluane began to speak you could literally feel the presence of God. It was as if her voice was operating on the inside of your being. I have no doubt that she carries a mantel of authority and moves effectively in the gifts. The thing that impressed far above anything else was her ability to connect with people and just love on them or bring a directive correction where needed. I am keenly awaiting her next visit."

Pastors Gail and Kay Maiden

Apostolic Resurrection Company (ARC) & Father's Heart Ministry, Moravian Falls, North Carolina. Apostle Kluane Spake came to us in the perfect timing of the Lord. She carries and imparts the love of God in AUTHORITY and ANOINTING. Her Apostolic grace empowered us to continue to pursue... the resurrection of an Apostolic people. Pastor Kay and I and this region will never be the same because of this visit. We are forever grateful and most excited about being a part of Jubilee Alliance.

Pastor Joe Burkett

She-muel Church, Worthville, PA. "We here at She-muel ministries have experienced an awesome time in God this weekend as god's servant Dr . Kluane Spake came and ministered an awesome word. There was such a atmosphere created by us all and the angelic visitors were very evident. I believe that many who came forward had a soul transformation. The messages included the whole man and the thinking of old was challenged by all. Many admitted and realized they needed to change and the anointing destroyed many a yoke.

Pastor Kluane helped many to realize they needed to commit to the work of God. She encouraged the house with right on prophecy personal and corporately. The vision of the house was redefined and the commitment of many was challenged. We all were truly blessed and everybody just loved Kluane and the relationship she expressed to all truly a humble servant who was able to bring a peace and a safe atmosphere so people just disarmed themselves and received there blessing so long in the waiting. Truly we here at She-muel received an awesome impartation we celebrate the Christ in Pastor Kluane Spake. God bless you."

Bishop LaDonna Osborn

"This exceptional woman of God has dedicated her life to reaching the people of the world with the Gospel... I've known her for nearly 10 years as a woman of integrity and a dedicated and faithful servant... I'm pleased to recommend Dr. Kluane Spake."

Dr. Carl Conley

Past International President of FCF. "Doctor Kluane Spake is held in high esteem by the pastors and leadership of our fellowship …worldwide. I highly recommend her to you for ministry. She is accomplished and has a depth of revelation of scripture that will bless… She is of the highest moral and ethical character."

Dr. Kelley Varner

Pastor of Praise Tabernacle, Richlands, NC. "Dr. Kluane Spake is a prophetess, an anointed scribe, and my friend. She has spent a lifetime of prayer and study in preparation…uncovering an extensive wealth of unprecedented information that must be made known to all seekers of truth."

Dr. Daisy Washburn Osborn

Worldwide Evangelist. "Dr. Kluane, you are a …great woman of God... He is crowning your efforts with His success as you have stood fast in the faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit to destroy the works of the enemy." (Dr. Daisy sent Pastor Kluane on preaching assignments in Malaysia.)

Prophet Clarice Fluitt

"The teaching and preaching of Dr. Kluane Spake are followed by signs and demonstrations of God’s awesome power, and you know you have been ministered to by the Lord. She moves fluently in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and has the ability to inspire people to great exploits for the kingdom and its King…"

Prophetess Teresa Bowman 

I thank God for the opportunity to have met you.  Your ministry in Jacksonville, was second to none; and I am more hungry to be about the Kingdom than ever before since hearing you minster. 

Rev. Pat Joyce



Congregational Remarks

Dr. Spake always brings fresh revelation of the Word of God, and new perspectives that challenge old concepts, so that we can "move with the cloud" and not be left behind in this hour. She imparts to others - clea prophetic words, callings and directives - with love, humility and patience. (She spent a lot of time with my spouse, even though it was late. She gave me an encouraging word that I needed.) She brings a release in the people when she comes, which lasts long after she goes (there was a release musically in me, the last time she came, which brought forth new songs. We can't wait until she comes again. Debbie Duffey

"Thank you so much Dr Kluane.  Words cannot express how thankful I am for your article “Demise of the Devil”.  You have provided the last piece in a jigsaw of incredible changes I have been going through. God has been shaking my belief systems to the core over the past 18 months, uprooted me from the church I was in, revealed to me the errors of teachings I had been living by, a time of great turmoil but when the dust settled I could see more clearly.  I now have a deep abiding relationship with God. 

As I read your article I knew it was sent by God and it put a cap on everything God had been showing me.  God’s richest blessings be upon you Dr Kluane and may your life be filled with His great Love.  S Edwards  New Zealand

Your Prophetic Miinstry is always right on target. z Clark

Dr. Kluane is a Commissioned Ambassadorial Apostle by Apostle John P. Kelly. She is an international apostolic minister, author, mentor, teacher, and friend to the Body of Christ. She has a mandate to release:

1 - The "Revealing of Christ in a People. 2 - Present Truth. 3 - Life-changing Third Day reformational concepts. 4 - The fullness of the finished work of redemption to the nations


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